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Zarox Health Inc started because we saw a need for products with intent and benefit, after I completed my accreditation in Naturology it was my vision to make it easier for people to help their bodies heal and find balance like nature intended.

Products today are filled with so many things that don’t agree with the body, why not make it a mission to create daily routines with products we use everyday that only benefit our bodies mind and spirit.

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Date Night Box

Spoils for both HIM and HER with our Date Night Box

Magnesium Oil

Helps with stress and anxiety, improves sleep, reduces inflammation.

Aromatherapy Microwaveable Heat Bag

Increase blood flow and help restore movement to injured tissue.

Aromatherapy Microwaveable Eye Pillow

Gives relieve to headaches and migraines and reduces puffiness.


"It’s real! The heat bag is amazing during breastfeeding for the relieve of pain on the those special milk producers ☺️ I had severe abdominal pain after a rear bacteria disease during a trauma period in my life, and this bag was my saving grace! Since I am healthy and training again, it has helped me ONCE AGAIN with my spasm in my SI joints as well as my shoulders! Thanks Zarox! Highly recommended product!"

Anita Client

"I got the magnesium oil which works absolutely wonders. I found that some days the oil may sting initially but it goes away, but it really helps for stiff muscles or body aches and even helped my bunion pain. The rest of the products are absolutely beautiful. I'm a big fan of bath bombs, and gosh these bombs are an absolute delight. I can't wait to try out the rest of the range. I will definitely recommend their products."

Lara Client

"Because of the work I do and my busy lifestyle I had quite a few things which bothered me like a painful back muscles and constant headaches which were caused by anxiety. Eversince I started using Zarox health products I no longer have to dose myself with unnecessary medication anymore. I highly recommend their products. It's the real deal."

Clinton Client

"Testimonial for Zarox Magnesium Oil: What a great save!! Having battled with chronic back & neck pain for over a decade, I found this product to be truly amazing and a MUST try for those who have given up hope. It is not only super relaxing for all those knotted and tensed-up muscles, but also a great treat at the end of a long stressful day! Thanks Zarox for this stunning product!!"

Marzaan Client

"I'm a very sensitive person and from the first time I tried the natural bath bombs, I don't have to worry about the after worries. Thank you so much that I finally have something I can use all the time."

Raquel Client

"Zarox - what a treat!! So far I've only purchased the magnesium oil spray, and was gifted a variety box of the large bath bombs. With us having to move soon, the muscle therapy bomb was exactly what my body needed! Seemed very gentle but oh so affective. Felt amazing afterwards! Can't wait to try the others, especially the sleep dust - what a cute name!! I have also been very reliant on the magnesium oil for random aches and pains during this tiring time. Even my husband has started to reach for the spray bottle! And completely gentle enough for my kids. A spritz under their feet before bedtime and everyone's sure to have a good night. Being a busy mom doesn't leave much time for pampering and natural solutions, but Zarox makes it easy and affordable to treat and unwind. Will definitely try out some of their other products very soon!"

Jennilee Client

"I ordered products from Zarox Health Inc. for gifts and was so happy with the beautiful, gorgeous products. Not only were they wonderful and aromatic to smell, but they were also much larger in real life which made it a complete bargain for the money spent. The bath bombs were huge as well as the Aromatherapy heat bag. The magnesium bath soak with Dead sea flakes was a divine treat for myself. Zarox's ingredients are of very high quality and craftmanship and the most beautuful gifts for anyone and any age. "

Sannette Sloane (53) Client

"Got the absolute BEST post labour goodie bag, with the Dead Sea Magnesium Salts not only did it heal my labour wound with in day,its also super relaxing to soak in with an amazing velvet feel to the skin. The Aromatherapy Heat Bag that honestly soothed any internal discomfort together with the mini eye pillow Heat Bag, for my tender feeding Breasts. I can HIGHLY recommend any of the Zarox products and is definitely a client for life. thank you for the breathtaking experience, also have to mention 5 star service received."

Liz Client

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